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Tiny Town

Welcome to Tiny Town, the online game on Sonsaur! Are you ready for a little challenge? Test your skills and see if you have what it takes to build the ultimate megapolis from scratch.

Starting with just a few people in a tiny village, it’s up to you to make it thrive and grow into a bustling metropolis!

Enjoy playing free online games on any device whenever you want. With Tiny Town, the possibilities are endless! Challenge yourself as you make decisions that foster growth and development in your town – manage resources, tend to special projects, and create unique attractions to attract new citizens. The bigger your town gets, the more decisions there are to make!

Keep an eye out for events that could affect your town’s progress — will you be able to manage what comes at you?

So come down and join us in Tiny Town – play for free however or wherever you like!

Show everyone that making your mega-city is not just a dream – it can be achieved with thoughtful planning. Can your town be the greatest of them all?