TrollFace Quest Horror 1

Trollface Quest Horror 1 is the browser-based HTML5 game presented to you for the fantastic gaming experience. The online game is playable on all supported browsers, both on mobile devices and PC. If you love watching horror movies, get ready for the terrifying and hilarious pranks you experience in Trollface Quest Horror 1.

The game brings together the most famous pranksters from popular horror movies in the craziest and creepiest game called Trollface Quest Horror 1. You will be handling all jokes in the uproarious horror game, and you need to solve each puzzle that comes your way in the game. Try to escape the haunted house and the other freaky funny places.

Famous Prankster Game

This scary game is exciting and addictive, and the silly fun that you have ever found. The troll face quest horror 1 is the perfect game for PC and Mobile devices during Halloween.