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Truck Loader 4

Truck loader 4 is a free 2D scroll game developed by Addicting Games. Motion options are restricted to left, right, up, and down while hunting down those elusive boxes that need packing. Perfect for kids and young adults.

Direct the tractor across the level where the tractor uses its hinged arm with a horse-shoe magnet attached at the end to lift and carry the boxes, waiting for the truck and carefully arrange them in the back so that each green space is taken up by a box. It sounds like a mash-up between an arcade game and a sci-fi movie theme-song.

Truck Loader 4 Game Online

There are a few cargo lifts to get you up or down when needed and explosive boxes to clear obstacles in your way. The game has several levels. The first two are basically for practice. With each level, you have to collect a different number of boxes and sometimes fill them into two separate tracks.

The faster the player completes the level, the higher the score, and while this may seem simple at first, the tractor handles like someone put moonshine in its gas tank.