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Uphill Truck

Navigate the treacherous terrains and winding roads with Uphill Truck Drive. As the trusted trucker of the mountain community, you are tasked to transport vital goods across the rugged off-road tracks. The stakes are high – with massive mining trucks under your control, the mountain’s challenging paths will test your driving skills to the limit. Get behind the wheel, tackle the mountains, and prove you’re the ultimate off-road truck driver.


  1. Selection Phase: Start your journey by choosing your preferred mining truck. Trucks vary in capacity, speed, and handling. As you progress, unlock more extensive and efficient trucks to aid your missions.
  2. Mission Briefing: Before each level, receive your transport mission. It could range from transporting logs and rocks to more sensitive goods like livestock or medical supplies.
  3. Drive & Navigate: Make your way through the mountain tracks. Each level presents unique challenges – from sharp bends and muddy patches to risky cliff edges. Your driving precision and speed will be essential.
  4. Time & Fuel Management: Monitor the clock and your fuel gauge. Refuel at designated points and complete the missions in the stipulated time for extra rewards.
  5. Dynamic Weather Conditions: The mountains have their mood. From sudden rainfalls and foggy mornings to clear sunny days – each weather condition poses its own set of challenges.
  6. Cargo Integrity: Ensure that the goods you’re transporting remain intact. Too much speed or a rough drive can damage the cargo, affecting your rewards.
  7. Earnings & Upgrades: Earn points based on driving efficiency and cargo integrity. Use your earnings to upgrade truck features or buy more powerful trucks.


  • Realistic Physics: Experience real truck physics. Feel the cargo’s weight, the muddy paths’ slipperiness, and the challenge of uphill drives.
  • Stunning Visuals: Detailed truck models, dynamic weather effects, and immersive mountain landscapes create a visually captivating experience.
  • Progressive Difficulty: As you advance, you face more challenging routes, heavier cargo, and tighter deadlines.
  • Leaderboard & Achievements: Compete against players worldwide. Climb the leaderboards and earn achievements for your driving feats.

Embark on a driving adventure like no other with Uphill Truck Drive. The mountains are calling, the cargo awaits, and the roads are as unpredictable as ever. Can you rise to the challenge and master the art of uphill trucking?