Vex 6

The new game in the stickman-parkour-platformer series, VEX 6, is now available!

VEX 6 is the latest addition to this series of stickman-parkour-platformers! This time around, you’ll control your character with an intuitive mouse or keyboard. You’ll jump and slide your way through 9 new Acts + bonus levels while fighting against tricky Vexations at every turn.

Collect coins along the way for unlocking 64 different skins that are just waiting out there somewhere – each with their own unique graphics style you’re bound to find fascinatingly aesthetically pleasing (and sometimes even overwhelming).

There are also daily tasks that will give players more opportunities than they could’ve ever imagined before.

If you have not played yet, we got Vex 5 too. It’s a bit older version but cool anyway.