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Wear the helmet

Are you a thrill-seeker looking to test your skills? If so, then you need to play “Wear the Helmet!” This free online game from Sonsaur Games will pump your adrenaline and fill your day with plenty of excitement.

It’s an endless runner game focusing on road safety – encouraging adventurous gamers to play smart. Put on a helmet and hop onto your scooter as you ride along the virtual street. Be prepared for obstacles that might appear before you, and use your reflexes to get around them quickly. Whether using WASD buttons or touching the screen directly, press Up, Down, or W and S keys when the situation calls for it!

Enjoy this super fun way to practice responsible gaming habits! The colorful 3D world of Wear the Helmet will surely be a great hit with kids and experienced gamers. Enjoy countless hours of thrill with free online games available anytime, anywhere, on any device only at Sonsaur Games!