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Winter Ski Trip

Embrace the icy charm of winter with Doll Creator Winter Fashion! Dive deep into the world of winter wardrobe wonders as you design the perfect ski trip outfits for our delightful dolls. Be it cozy sweaters, sleek ski gear, or snug scarves, the choices are endless. Pair them up to see which ensemble suits each doll the best. Celebrate winter in style and see who stands out in the snowy spotlight!


  1. Select Your Doll: Begin your winter fashion journey by selecting the doll you wish to dress first. Each doll has unique features and preferences.
  2. Browse the Wardrobe: Dive into a vast collection of winter wear. Craft a look that resonates with the winter spirit, from fluffy jackets, elegant ski suits, and stylish boots to frosty accessories.
  3. Mix and Match: Experiment by combining different apparel and accessories. Perhaps a fur coat goes well with those ski boots? Or maybe those earmuffs complement the scarf? The choices are yours to make!
  4. Styling Session: Style the doll’s hair and makeup once the outfit is set. Choose from braided hair ponytails, or let it flow. Apply the right shade of makeup to give her that rosy winter glow.
  5. Winter Backgrounds: Set the scene by choosing from various winter backgrounds. Snowy mountains, cozy chalets, or a bustling ski resort – pick the perfect backdrop for your doll.
  6. Fashion Showcase: After dressing all the dolls, have them parade their winter looks. Rate each ensemble or capture the moment with a screenshot.
  7. Collect Rewards: Based on your styling choices, earn winter badges and unlock special items for your next session.


  • Expansive Wardrobe: A vast collection of winter clothes and accessories that captures the essence of the chilly season.
  • Dynamic Weather Effects: As you play, experience dynamic weather effects like snowfall or sunny winter mornings.
  • Interactive Elements: Engage with winter-related activities like building a snowman, starting a snowball fight, or sipping hot cocoa.
  • Fashion Challenges: Take on particular winter challenges where you dress the dolls according to specific themes or events.

Unleash your creativity in the snowy expanse of Winter Ski Trip. Craft impeccable outfits, play with styles, and immerse in the winter wonderland with our gorgeous dolls. As the snowflakes dance and the winter wind sings, create a fashion symphony like never before!

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