Puzzle Games

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe is one of the latest games designed by PopCap Games. It’s kind of the second coming to the first game. If you enjoyed the first Zuma game, you might enjoy this one. Usually, there are colored grids that you have to kick down. The idea is to kick out all the balls and get to the gold head.

As you hit off each colored ball, you set off a chain reaction, bringing you closer to the prize and getting more bonus rounds and points.

Yes, of course, there are different things in your way to try to stop you. Did you think there wouldn’t be? It will not be a Zuma game if no enemy is in your way. The idea is to get to the balls. The more balls you get, the more enemies you knock down.

Game Tips and Hints

Below are a few hints and tips you can keep in your arsenal. Consider this your official cheat sheet. I like to give out cheat sheets in my review. It’s the personal touch I give out to my readers.

  • As you go to higher levels, the speed of the balls will increase. If you want to slow them down on levels 1-1, pay attention to what I tell you. Please go into the settings and change the speed from .5 to .2. Exit and save it.

You can still change the setting from level 12-7.

  • Word of advice: do not confuse levels LVL 11 and level 11. These are two separate lines.
  • As you succeed at each level, you must save your directory. Copy and save the directory page and go on to the next one.
  • If you lose your life on one level, there is a way to start over. Just copy and paste all your user data. Please put it where you first backed it all up and begin again.

You can do the same thing if you are unhappy with your performance. Think of this as your “do-over.”

  • There is a way to stop the stars from moving on level 13-1. Hit the number 5 key.