Uno game now available to play online, This version is exactly same as you played in real life with your family
As you already know, your goal is to get rid of all cards before your opponents.
You need to click on button UNO when you have only one card left, It’s like screaming loud UNOOOO in real life,
Playing Uno in real life is also a very cool game if you decide you can check here to buy a physical game.

Uno Game Development

Uno game was developed by Merle Robbins in 1971, Almost every family owned this game.

Now Uno game rights own Mattel.

You need to play three rounds, Match card, and hit.

You can pass turn by pressing the pass button.

If you forget to press the UNO button when you left one card, you will pick up 2 cards from the draw pile.

If you need detailed UNO Rules you can check on Wikipedia