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The Best Selection of HTML5 Games for Gamers

HTML5 games are cross-platform, meaning that you can enjoy your favorite game on any PC or mobile device, giving you more flexibility in your gameplay. However, the benefits of HTML5 aren’t limited to gamers only – they offer an excellent opportunity for developers as well.
With our selection of HTML5 games, you can enjoy playing them on our site, or upload a link to your website and allow your visitors to get in on the fun. Webmasters funneling significant amounts of traffic can benefit by offering their audience an HTML5 game to play within the site.
Our showcase of HTML5 includes options such as Strategy and Puzzles, as well as Action, Racing, Shooting, Sports, and Adventure. We have the best HTML5 available for players and developers – select your favorite and get started today!

Enjoy our Stable of Amazing IO Games

Google reports more than 600,000 global monthly searches for io games. It’s easy to understand how this genre of games is so popular — considering the ease of gameplay and accessibility of io. As the first to gain traction to a global audience, io is gaining momentum as more people go online with their smart devices.

Originally named after the Indian Ocean domain, io was the first domain extension for browser-based. As io games gained traction with the gaming community, io became a trend with developers, and the domain name defined a new generation of free online games. The io format is a tremendous success, with millions of gamers around the world enjoying free online games in their browser extension.
Our range of io games will keep you entertained for hours. We have a lot of action titles, Sports, Puzzles, and numerous Running, Racing, and Adventure. IO gaming is taking the world of mobile gaming by storm – select your favorite title and enjoy for free!

Action Games

Action Games are available with many titles to choose from, so, our selection of free HTML5 action games, For the reason that these are the best on the internet for sure. Titles like 5 Nights At Freddy’s, 5 minutes to kill yourself, Vex 4 and Run 3, will keep you busy. Let’s not forget the all-time favorite, Minecraft. Challenge your friends even more to the action, invite them to play!

Shooting Games

Fans of shoot-em-ups will love our selection of shooting games. Titles such as 13 Days in Hell, and 10 bullets, offer loads of excitement and thrills as you assassinate your enemies. Test your combat skills with our 2D Paintball, and let’s not forget about the sequels to our most popular shooters!

Sports Games

Sports fans unite! Take on LeBron James in, Basketball legends. Rush for a touchdown in 4th and Goal, or go crazy with 4×4 soccer. Challenge yourself and your friends to a game of air hockey, or 8 ball pool. IF you’re feeling athletic, dash for the finish line in our 100 meter Race.

Strategy Games

If strategy games are your thing, then you’ve come to the right platform. Our selection of strategy includes great titles such are, 55 days, and 5x Man. Excite your mind and take a new edge on a classic chess game with 3D Chess, and challenge your brain to outwit the enemy in 1066.

Dress Up Games

Are you into costumes and cosplay? Instead of playing with your Barbie collection, or your wardrobe, try out a few of our dress-up games, Our dress-up games turn you from a fashion enthusiast to an dress expert . Entertain your inner fashion designer and try out our range of fantastic dress-up games for free at Sosaur

Stress Relief Games

We live in a stressful environment. Don’t let stress get the better of you. Take a break from your busy life and unwind with our selection of stress-relieving games designed to relax your mind. The next time you’re feeling frazzled, take a time out and have some fun with one of our titles.

Zombie Games

The zombie apocalypse is here! Are you ready to fight your way out of apocalypse? Prepare yourself for the end of humanity, We have the best selection of Zombie games available! Save the world and stop the zombies before they eat your brains!

Adventure Games

Do you have a thirst for adventure? Captivate your mind with the 3Pandas, and join them on their expeditions around the world as they explore the lands and rainforests of Brazil, and make their way through Japan. The 3 Pandas franchise also has exciting night and fantasy titles, and if you want to drag yourself away from panda land, try your hand at 400 Years.

Racing Games

Challenge your driving skills with our selection of racing games. Try your hand at steering an 18 wheeler through traffic at high speed, dash through the desert in our 4 wheel Madness, or go old-school with our 2D driving simulator. Pump up your Happy Wheels, strap on your seatbelt, and enjoy hours of racing fun!

Arcade Games

Take a time-warp back to the time of arcade games with our selection of true arcade-classics that keep you entertained for hours! We have all the titles you could ever want to play, and you don’t have to feed an arcade machine coins! Our free arcade games provide you with loads of fun – for free!

Stickman Games

Do you remember playing hangman with your classmates at school? Stringing up a stickman is a hilarious way to spend the afternoon, and it’s a great way to expand your vocabulary, as you try to guess the word and save the stickman’s life. Our collection of stickman games will keep you entertained for hours.

Office Games

Are you sitting at your desk, bored with nothing to do this afternoon? Kill some time at the office with our collection of office games designed to help you get through the final few hours of the working day. We have so much that take away your boredom and whisk you off into the virtual world.

Educational games

Develop your brainpower with our range of educational games designed to increase your grey matter. We have games to teach you how to think, how to problem-solve, and how to make the most of your mind. Train your brain for success by learning and having fun at the same time!

Math Games

Are you a math whizz? If you enjoy solving problems and playing with numbers, then you’ll love our selection of cool math games. Unlock your inner genius and train your brain with math games designed to increase your skills at basic math problems. Test your mettle and have a whole lot of fun with cool math!

Clicker Games

Take a look through our selection of highly addictive clicker games. Fight, collect, and build your way through the afternoon as you let our clicker titles entertain you for hours. The only limit you have with these games is the strength of your finger. Click, click, click, play, and enjoy all for free!

Brain Games

Train your brain with our selection of brainteasers designed to unlock your minds problem-solving potential. Learning doesn’t stop after we leave school, and who knew that you could increase your intelligence by playing fun games all day? Log in, focus your mind, and get to work mastering our brain games.

Puzzle Games

Tease and train your brain with our selection of Puzzles designed to keep your mind solving problems. Test your puzzle solving skills with our version of the favorite card game; Uno, Battle your way through levels with 3D Snake, and 3D Worm, test your math skills with 2048.

Transformer Games

Our collection of Transformer games is more than meets the eye. Take on the Decepticons as they try to take over the world. Are you true Prime? Save the humans and banish the bad guys with our free Transformers games designed to give you quality entertainment and plenty of thrills.

School games

Are you bored with school? Do you think your teacher doesn’t know it all? Blast through your learning with our selection of school unblocked games designed for students. We have something for everyone, so strap on your school bag and get cracking! There’s never a dull moment at school when you have Sonsaur Games on your device!