Bomb It 6

Bomb it 6 is the sixth version of the long-running bomb its game series and the most lovely version for me )). It is a two-player game where gamers bomb enemies to the top by accumulating bombing points, I can’t remember how many hours I and my friends were playing it. When gamers fail in bombing they can also get blasted within seconds before the game is stopped.

In order to begin playing, you select a game mode, choose a character, and start doing your gaming destruction. The central theme of the game is to blast the enemies and different objects such as fruits using bombs and weapons.

The graphics have been improved, and new modes of play provide a lot more addictive and interactive gameplay.

Bomb It Game Series

Power-ups and Weapons

Do you know why it’s my favorite game? this particular version comes embedded with some of the favorite power-ups from previous versions that include

  • Extra Lives: it is possible to earn extra lives during gameplay and these extra lives are automatically accumulated to the current number of active lives.
  • Mind Controller: This particular feature assists in controlling the enemy’s minds so that you can stop them at someplace and easily kill them.
  • Freeze enemy
  • Bomb Launcher
  • Throw Grenade over walls or obstacles

There are also different weapons that can be purchased from the game shop and these include

  • Vehicles
  • Poison dart
  • Bazooka
  • Land Mine
  • Flame Thrower
  • Rocket Launcher

Part of vehicle selection options available from the game includes an anti-gravity suit, it’s my favorite, bulldozer, skateboards, motorcycles, and personal cars.