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Frankenstein Adventures

Embark on a thrilling journey with one of literature’s most iconic characters! Frankenstein Adventures is not just a game but a test of your wit, agility, and strategy. Through 12 increasingly challenging levels, guide Frankenstein through complex mazes, intricate obstacles, and mind-bending puzzles. Collect stars to showcase your skill and prowess. Are you ready to dive into this electrifying adventure?


  1. Challenging Levels: 12 unique levels, each with challenges and obstacles, keeping players engaged and testing their mettle.
  2. Star Collection: Prove your proficiency by collecting all stars in each level. The more stars you get, the higher your rank!
  3. Intuitive Controls: Simple tap or click mechanism to guide Frankenstein through the levels.
  4. Dynamic Obstacles: From moving platforms to intricate mazes, face various challenges that require timing, precision, and smart strategy.
  5. Stunning Graphics: Dive into a beautifully designed world with detailed backgrounds, immersive sound effects, and captivating animations.

How to Play:

  • Navigate Frankenstein through each level by clicking or tapping on the screen to make him jump or overcome obstacles.
  • Collect stars scattered throughout the levels.
  • Strategize your moves carefully to avoid traps and hurdles.
  • Some obstacles may require timing or multiple attempts to overcome.
  • Aim to collect all stars in each level for maximum points and bragging rights!


In the twisted corridors and shadowy pathways, Frankenstein embarks on a quest not for revenge or redemption but for self-discovery and mastery. Each level represents his inner struggles, challenges, and barriers. With every star he collects, he inches closer to understanding himself and the world around him. Dive deep into the psyche of this legendary creature and guide him through his most daunting challenges in Frankenstein Adventures!

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