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N Game 2

N Game 2 is an old ninja game; in the mobile gaming world, arcade and side-scrolling games are where it all started way before 3D game graphics were introduced. Many have a cult following, preferring the old school instead of the dizzying first-person views of modern games. A top-rated side-scrolling game we will discuss is the game N and N game 2.

A side-scroller game is where the gameplay is viewed from a side-view camera angle, and the on-screen characters can only move forward and backward.

When this was first introduced, this side-scrolling technology in computers was a breakthrough that revolutionized video games until 3D imaging was introduced and supplanted it. However, because of its popularity and nostalgia, it was released on handheld and mobile games as Apps.

The Ninja Game Version 2

N Game 2 did not surprise anyone as the first game was so successful it naturally had to have a sequel. The second edition of N or N Game 2 Unblocked is still about a lonesome Ninja trying to explore different places and solve puzzles. The best thing about this is that it’s free AND has the multiplayer option.

The levels are simple, with more fluidity in movements. The objective is to reach the doors and activate the switch without dying in all 90 seconds.

The first levels of N game two are designed to be simple and more comfortable, but as you go to the more advanced levels, more things will be trying to kill your Ninja. Bombs and laser traps on the walls are all too familiar, and you must be quick to overcome these and survive. This N game 2 is excellent for a casual game and will keep you occupied for hours.


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