Shopping Cart Hero

Shopping Cart Hero is a popular HTML5 game, push a shopping cart down the hill to gain momentum and soar up in the air. To become a hero in this game, you need to upgrade your cart with an array of tools, including rocket and wheels. Use trick combos, find all the hidden tricks and fight the bosses to save the world. The upgrades and stunts on this game are all designed to make it more fun. On the other hand, the essence of this game is to see how long you can last at the grocery store without dying.

Minimalist game from Monkey Want Banana also features a simplistic sound and color setup. Monkey Want Banana games designed to accommodate players of all ages worldwide.

How To Play Shopping Cart Hero

Select and fulfill all the instructions. The buttons used in play include: Up-arrow to get into the cart, Right arrow to begin a run, and the Left and Right keys to balance and control the cart.

The other controls in this game include Superman and Handstand. Players who control the game effectively are well placed to travel a long distance with the cart. Players get points based on factors such as the distance traveled and the level of aptitude they can attain.

You can use your accumulated points to upgrade your cart and acquire more tricks to help you improve your score sheet.

Hero Game versions

Newer versions of this game are Shopping Cart Hero 2 and Shopping Cart Hero 3. Choose the strategy and skills they need for the game. Case in point, get new stuff from the market, and expand the shopping cart options. Some of the new abilities and tricks a player can use to defeat the bosses include The option of three highly captivating world’s Downhill trick battles, flying, and swimming capabilities.

New Upgrades

Jump to fame and fortune Shopping Cart Hero version 6 is a newly released flash game in the long series. You can use the cart in this highly addictive game to jump and collect coins as well as exchange money with new skills and other things at the local shop. To become a stunt master in this game, you must earn both fame and fortune.