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Stickman Fugitive

In the grim world of Stickman Fugitive, you are the target! Hounded by relentless foes, your mission is to shoot, dash, and dodge your way out, making use of an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. The longer you survive, the harder your enemies will try to bring you down. Employ strategy, quick reflexes, and a little bit of luck to become the most wanted fugitive alive. The question remains, how long can you outrun your fate?


  1. Dynamic Gameplay: Fast-paced shooting and dodging mechanics that test your reflexes.
  2. Vast Arsenal: From rapid-fire guns to deadly grenades, equip a range of weapons to fend off your pursuers.
  3. Progressive Difficulty: The longer you survive, the tougher your enemies become. Prepare for an ever-increasing challenge!
  4. Detailed Graphics: Dive into a world with crisp visuals and intricate details, making every encounter memorable.
  5. Leaderboards: Compete with players globally and see how you rank as the ultimate fugitive.
  6. Achievements: Complete various challenges to earn badges and showcase your skills.

How to Play:

  • Use the joystick to move and dodge.
  • Aim by dragging on the screen, and tap to shoot.
  • Switch between different weapons and use them strategically.
  • Avoid enemy fire and take out as many foes as possible before they corner you.
  • Collect power-ups and health packs to sustain your run.

You were once a mere stickman, living in peace. But the world turned against you, painting you as a fugitive. As enemies close in from all directions, you must rely on your wits and weapons to carve out an escape. Every move counts in this high-adrenaline game where only the sharpest survive.

Stickman Fugitive is more than just a shooting game. It’s a tale of survival, strategy, and skill. With each passing second, the odds stack against you, but a true fugitive knows: never give up, never surrender. Play lot of Stickman games on Sonsaur.