Uno with Buddies Online

The dealer gives the mandate to issue seven cards to each player and the remaining cards (draw pile) left at the center facing downwards. A player on the left side of the dealer picks a card from the draw pile and places it next to the draw pile in the discard pile facing top.

Uno with Buddies Online Game

The game continues in a clockwise direction around the table. When it’s your turn to play, you must place a card similar to the one in the discard pile that has the same number, same color, or the same wording. If you happen to have a wild card, you decide which color of the card played. Otherwise, you draw if you cannot discard it.

It is always prudent to announce a suit when you discard a Wild card or a Wild Draw Four Cards. For the second case, the player following you must draw four cards from the draw pile. You also follow the directions of the Action card discarded by the player preceding you. However, always remember to say “UNO” when you remain with a single card in your hand. Eventually, the Uno game ends by tallying the cards held each player and awarding the points to the winner.